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Had my bike repaired yesterday, absolutely perfect. Gave me realistic expectations and saved me possibly 100's of £££.. Thank you
FANTASTIC service and very helpful, one spoke later and I'm back on the road, thankyou.
I purchased a bike from Halfords about 4 years ago and after many happy miles I decided it needed some TLC and chose The Cycle Centre to service, replace and upgrade various parts and components on it. The overall service provided by Ian at the shop was first class and was above and beyond my expectations. The Shimano hydraulic braking system upgrade that I requested is fantastic and was very reasonably priced. The plus size Schwalbe tires that were fitted as replacements are awesome, both visually and in terms of performance. After a couple of years of neglect the gearing system on my bike left a lot to be desired, but after being serviced and only requiring a small replacement part the bike, along with everything else that was serviced, cleaned and lubed is now better than when I purchased it. The work undertaken at the shop was exactly what the bike ( and myself ! ) needed. For everything that was done inclusive of replacement parts, I thought everything was extremely well priced and provided great value for money. Ian’s price estimate for the work was accurate and came in at just £7 over what was quoted, but that included extra parts replaced that weren’t part of the estimate AND new handlebar grips as well ! The Cycle Centre gets a huge thumbs up from me and is a shop I would highly recommend. When the time comes to replace my bike, I won’t be going back to Halfords to buy one, I’ll be going to The Cycle Centre ! Thanks Ian :o)
Jonny loves his new Kross MTB, Ian did a great job in setting the bike up for some off-road bike action over the Christmas holidays. As always a first class service from a local bike dealer, cheers Ian.
Myself and my grandson popped into the shop today - grandson's bike had a wobbly seat, Ian replaced the part and fixed it there and then at a very reasonable price . Very pleased indeed. Thank you!
Picking my Marin mountain bike up today from Ian. Very excited as it has had a brake overhaul and complete safety check. Ian is very trustworthy and it is nice to use a local business run by a local guy. Always friendly and knowledgeable, always has time for his customers. Thanks Ian.
I have gone to Ian many times over the last couple of years with several different bikes and every time he has been fantastic.
Recently I took him my faithful old mountain bike that is worth nothing and on its last legs. I asked him to give it a thorough examination and repair if it was financially viable. He has it running like new now and it cost me loads less than I expected.
Just an all round good guy and an expert in his field.
As a regular club cyclist, I was looking for a new custom build bike, and saw that Ian was a Kinesis dealer. He ordered in and built up a brilliant machine at a great price, exactly to my specification, in super quick time. His attention to detail and customer care is absolutely second to none, and I'd thoroughly recommend the shop to any cyclist.
Subsequent visits have always had me leaving with a good deal and a smile on my face!
Best place to take your bikes to! took my 2 bikes here needing help with gears now they are both good as new and all for a reasonable price they know their stuff and give you honest advice. I would highly recomend this cycle shop! Thank you!
Thanks for the Christmas bike Ian , my boy loves it. It's his first big bike with gears and goes 'Super fast'!!
Ian is one of lifes genuine good guys. His work is second to none and I cannot rate him highly enough. In the past he has serviced a bike for me and built up a bike from a box of bits I gave him, both of these run fantastic. He recently made up a single speed bike for me and it too runs great. This is a fella who will do what he says he will and doesn't charge the earth and is reliable. Thanks again Ian. Carl
Ian took my wheel in to tru it. He advised me of what i can only describe as a 'Very good price'. Upon returning the next day he informed me the wheel was abou 1mm out. No charge for his expert eye. How many shops would do this.

Many thanks again
Wishing you all the best for the new shop, keep up the good work. Many thanks for all your help..........give this guy a go, always good advice. Cheers
Great Bike fit yesterday, amazed how much out I was on the saddle height!.
cracking service as ever from Ian nothing is to much trouble!.
I recently took my road bike to Ian for a full service. He did a great job and its been returned in first class condition. The gears and brakes feel really crisp and are like new.

Ian is a top bloke, honest and charges a fair price for his work. I absolutely would reccomend him to service or build a bike or just to give sound advice.

The new shop looks great too, good luck Ian..
Ians bicycle building skills are fantastic. Here is a fellow you can trust, who is true to his word and is dedicated and passionate about bicycles. Ian built a bike up from scratch for my daughter from a bag of bits i passed to him, both my daughter and I are made up with the finished article. He also serviced one of my bicycles to a while ago. I like everyone else who has left a comment here can recommend Ian highly. Thanks Ian
I found Ian's cycle shop through my son Jonathan Dean. I took a box of bits and a frame and Ian turned it into something beautiful and a joy to ride.
Ian's new shop looks great and I am sure there is more to come.
You should check the shop out, you will not be let down, really helpful guy and never pushy will always give you sound advice.
All the best with the new shop
I was introduced to Ian through my son
I took a box of bits and a frame, Ian turned into something beautiful and its a joy to ride.
Ian is very helpful, never pushy and I wish him all the best in the expansion, its great to have a local cycle shop
The new shop looks good ian
This guy is amazing he built my recumbent cycle to help me on my road to recovery he had great communicational skills and accommodated all our needs thank you so much you are a star
This guy is ace. I have tried several different cycle/repair/accessories shops and this is by far the best. It is a welcome and friendly place to go sort out any issues, buy accessories/bikes or even just socialise. I went as a customer an left as a friend! The service is awesome, the gear is awesome.........Ian is awesome. 10/10 thanks mate
On a tour from Liverpool to Lowestoft we realised that we were short of a few essentials. The owner was really helpful and really looked after us, sending us away with full water bottles and plenty of energy snacks. The shop is 300 miles from my house but I am seriously considering buying a touring bike from here.
Been in a few times and glad i did. Great having a bike shop in the local area to call upon. Very knowledgeable and very fair in his pricing, this is because he is a keen cyclist himself. Iused to take my bikes to warrington but no longer ,I recommended this shop
I phoned the shop today as my husband had accidentally thrown our sons bike helmet away on the last tip run, Ian was very helpful, arrived at shop, Yosef, Hosay, sorry 'Ian' was fantastic, fitted my sons New helmet and we went on our way, will definately use the shop for all future bike needs.
Heather and Alden.
P.s Survived bike trip,Alden loves his new Helmet, or hat as he calls it.
Top bloke!!!! .Went to see ian today with my badly buckled wheel, although it was to far gone to repair ian managed to provide me with a perfectly good used one he popped a new disc brake on , new inner tube and put my tyre on in minutes! !! And it was all done for a great price. I would and have done already reccomend going to see ian for any of your cycling needs .

Thanks again ian

Very trustworthy mechanic who did a great job with my bike. That confidence in the mechanic is essential when you travel over 50mph going downhill off the fells.
i have been planning to ride the coast to coast this year and called in to the cycle centre and got talking to the owner and we both chat away about diffrent things to do with cycling and i find it both helpfull and relaxing
Thanks for chat today Ian and nice to see a local bike shop in Runcorn. I shall definitely come back in the New Year and look to upgrade my lad from a balance bike to his first pedal bike.
Hi Ian, nice to chat to you today and find out about your shop and services.
I will recommending you to children and adults i meet to use your services and draw on your experience.

The Cycle Centre really helped me out with a repair to my bike.
They went way beyond what you would expect from a repair shop.
A big thank you.
Great service, great value. Repaired my faulty cycle and then some.
had my bike serviced here. I was able to drop off and collect on the same day. Everything done and more. What's more is Ian explained everything to me and even showed me the parts that had been replaced and why. Great service, great quality, great price. Thankyou
Great helpfull owner who is VERY VERY reasonable and will garantee you a great deal. I would stop by here first if you are looking for a bike. Fantastic bikes at an unbeatable price. Cheers for your help.
Amazing service, has everything and more if not they will get it for you. Great staff always willing to chat about anything and offer advice for novices like me.
excellent service, knowledgable and helpful owner